Sai Vigyan in its efforts to propagate Science, Math and Finance education has initiated its process and implementation programmes like Train the Trainer and also recruit affiliates all over the Country .

If you are passionate and only interested in developing an effective and educative path to build a career in the field of Robotics, Electronics, Vedic Mathematics and Foreign Language send in your brief profile for us to respond the best possible path that we can assist you to build your area of interest.

The Train the Trainer concept is about providing the holistic training and support not only on the academic delivery model for our programmes that you choose but also assisting you on essential elements of creating an enterprise out of it as well. The following are the programmes that we Train the Trainers -

  • Robotics
  • Electronics
  • Vedic Mathematics
  • Foreign Languages

Send in your brief profile for us to contact and to establish a relationship that has value beyond price!