Foreign language is a language which is not the native language of large numbers of people in a particular country or region, is also not used as a medium of instruction in schools and is not widely used as a medium of communication in government, media etc. - Richards and Schmidt
Then why learn a Foreign Language?

1. Can connect you with a Niche group of people in your Territory, the country the language is spoken and abroad as well.

2. Expose you to a career as a Translator

3. Improve your career prospect with Client-Corporate need as Foreign Language Experts.

At Sai Vigyan, Our trainers primarily understand the specific need of Individuals and then train them as per their requirements, although we insist on systematic and structured training methodologies. We make sure that the learning happens consistently in phases. We have trainers who have had global exposure conducting training programmes based on various requirements.

At Sai Vigyan we impart training for


  • German
Certification Sessions Time
Deutsch/German  A1 26 2 hrs
Deutsch/German  A2 20 2 hrs
Deutsch/German  B1 45 2 hrs
Deutsch/German  A2 
(2.1 & 2.2)
50 2 hrs

  • French
Certification Sessions Time
French  A1 26 2 hrs
French  A2 25 2 hrs

  • Spanish
Certification Sessions Time
Spanish A1 30 2 hrs
Spanish A2 30 2 hrs
Spanish B1 30 2 hrs

  • Japanese
Certification Sessions Time
Japanese N1 60 2 hrs
Japanese N2 20 2 hrs
Japanese N3 60 2 hrs
Japanese N4 20 2 hrs
Japanese N5 60 2 hrs

We train you....

--> If you are on another country assignment-You may need to have quick phase training.
--> If you are in school, high school or even in college majoring in that language.
--> If you want to learn the language and get Certified and Accredited from the recognized authority (Or)
--> Even if you are a beginner aspirant or a lingual hobbyist.

Translation Services

With a team of professional who have learn and mastered the language through their international exposure with a broad local connection abroad Sai Vigyan over the year have been associated with Industry top performers in the sectors of Banking, Finance, Insurance, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Power and Much More.

Our Core Area of expertise is on the areas of General, Legal, Technical, Banking, Financial, Intellectual property, Administrative, Publishing and copyright related document translation.

Our professional standards of delivery and quality of implementation to industry standards has attracted clients like Tata Mutual Funds, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, ITC, Yamaha, Selco, Su-Kam, Imperial Auto, Religious Missionaries and NGO's.

Transliteration Services

WMany clients of us have been institutions propagating ideologies that need their language to be spoken and pronounced the sane and same way as native does. Publisher, authors and academicians have books and thesis and articles to be transliterated. Corporates and Business Houses want Marketing and sales script to be transliterated accordingly for their executives to sound the same accent.

We have consistently delivered to our client in these areas for our team of specialists who speak the language as professionally and fluently as a native does adds value to us as a potential service provider in this industry.