Apart from Robotics ,Vedic mathematics and Languages ,we at Sai Vigyan have a lot to offer to cater to the needs of children and students with various learning inclinations.

As the season demands we have programmes and workshops that are related to build artistic skill sets as well.

Come what may the age group, varied interests and diversified requirement we have solution if you are inclined to learn.


Our love to propagate Science and Math education has taken us to the next step to introduce children to the world of shapes and Geometry.Polyhedron is a method by which three dimensional figures are being constructed by using side (Shapes) known as faces.The objective behind this programme is to introduce the child to the world of shapes and figures by practically applying themselves to develop bigger,better and sometimes even complex models.This is an apt tool for one child to devlop logical,visual and spatial thinking.

Personality Development

Idea of being smart ,prudent and the abilty to carry yourself is the highlight of a strong personality. Though being tall, handsome or even a glamorous outlook and discrimination based these aspects is'nt really an idea of personality anymore, our programme aims to clarify those areas that are obstacles for the progress of an individual and throws ample ideas and induces practices that can impact ones abilities and capabilities.This training is about developing Attitudes and effective mindsets!!!!

American Accent Training

Corporates inisist their employees to develop professional accents to suit and impact relationships with their international clients.Though professionals from the sub continent have a decent english language exposure the accent aspect has been a consistent challenge.We cater to this necessity from Corporates,Educational Institutions and even individuals with specific goals.

Aero Modelling

Our programme aims to promote the ideas of flight and dyanamics in this programme wherin the student is being exposed right from the science, design and model building aspect of a Flying model based opn radio controlled operation.This workshop can be an excellent exposure to inspire one attitude both an a hobby as well as evolving to participate as an international sport.

Creative Writing

Bringing originality to your work is the artistic elegance behind the expression of creative writing.We commit to inspire you to that process of being able to write with that command.Our coaches over the years have worked and trained many induviduals who have recommended their colleagues and other student to participate in the workshop to undergo the our unique module of practice to improve their art.

Communication workshops

The Workshop intends to introduce the participant to the Principles of Communication. Practical methods are being embarked to have a lasting impact to carry the impact of training through their professional, academic or even general practice. It will cover basics and the fundamentals of written,verbal and even non- verbal aspects of communication.

Advanced communication - The Programme is the next level to the basic workshop wherein training on Phonetics Accent / Diction Premier Email drafting Foreign mock calls are focused on.This training is intended to for individuals and group with their focus on improving their prospects on corporate ladder.

Be an Orator

Globally trained and accredited professionals have committed to pass on their strong learning on the field to students who are interested to develop their inclination to become stars of the Stage. We train students and professionals who approach us for various needs right from the developing the right style ,better presentation and practical techniques to be cultivated to be a powerful orator.Students,professionals in marketing ,sales,educationists academicians and manymore have benefitted from this programme.


The latest buzz in the employment market is that of what oppurtunities in the animation industry provide. Animation is'nt only about cartoons and fancy characters but also has extensive application in the Education and Corporate sphere.We provide programmes for various age groups on different levels depending on their previous exposure levels and requirements.

Memory Techniques

The very foundation to learn and evolve through our learning process majorly depends upon our ability to imagine, associate, link and journey through facts. An individual progress then can be impacted by their levels of memory, that is retention and recollection of facts pertaining to a event, task, place or person. Our trainers have specialized in the field of learning and have devised courses that help one to develop proper learning methods with emphasis mainly on memory and skills related to it.