Ever been to a manufacturing Unit and wondered how systematically and consistently production happens at same pace throughout. How do industries transfer tones of molten metal from the ladle to the cast...A Robotic Arm? How can you control a Big Industrial Crane at Construction sites…Series of Multiple operations at an automobile manufacturing unit...

If you ask the experts they would jargon it as Automation, Embedded systems, Robotics and What Not. We at Sai Vigyan have been yearning to make these ideas to amateurs and progressives Informative thereby fuelling their sprit to the marvelous field of Electronics and Robotics. For over decade Sai Vigyan has its extensive back ground in conducting and participating in Robotics events at various levels and intensity to students of different levels of exposure.

We have evolved in our objective to propagate Robotics education to students, wherein even the beginner is exposed structured learning of scientific concepts, Model Building and programming of the models and to understand the very motive of their design in a rather clear simple but well defined manner. There has only been instances of participants wanting to move on to the advanced levels, to level wherein they have the grounding to innovate themselves at the competitive stage.

Our Delivery structure of our Robotics Program is aimed at variable age groups and also in terms of the diversified knowledge groups as well. With 3-D modeling of robots also forming inexplicable part of the syllabus supported by animated Demo videos, the programme has become just as exciting as ever.

With regular programmes scheduled to cover Different levels students get to follow a structured learning model. Also to expose the student to the best platform possible we have a strong assessment model at every level to track the progress at every stage and to impart the best skill sets possible for them to innovate on their own ideas aroused by their learning and curiosity and also train them adequately to participate in national and international level competitions.


  • Basic
No. of Classes – 45 (Introduction to Robotics, Making of Models, Programming, Concept and Science Behind) Duration – 90 Hrs Timings: Week Days 1- ½ Hrs, Week Ends 2Hrs
  • Intermediate
No. of Classes – 30 (Making of Models, Programming, Concept and Science Behind) Duration – 70 Hrs Timings: Week Days 2- ½ Hrs, Week Ends 2- ½Hrs
  • Advanced
No. of Classes – 20 (Making of Models, Programming, Concept and Science Behind) Duration – 52 Hrs Timings: Week Days 3- ½ Hrs, Week Ends 3- ½Hrs


  • Basic
No. of Classes – 30 (Making of Models, Programming, Concept and Science Behind) Duration/Class: 1Hr 20 Minutes

  • Intermediate
No. of Classes – 30 (Making of Models, Programming, Concept and Science Behind)Duration/Class: 1Hr 20 Minutes

  • Advanced
No. of Classes – 30 (Making of Models, Programming, Concept and Science Behind) Duration/Class: 1Hr 20 Minutes.

  • Workshops
We conduct Camps and Workshops for student during vacation that can be right from to introductory to Advanced levels at schools and other institutions.


  • Corporate
Weekend programmes for corporate employees for their children to introduce them to the world of Robotics and also expose to the Hands-On experience of model building. We have conducted events for corporates like Yahoo and also associated ourselves with NGO's to do events pertaining to their requirement.

  • Competitions
We train students as teams to participate in national and International Level competitions. We have prided ourselves to be Finalists in most of them and also landed up as Champions in the Robofest competition Jan 2013 held at Bangalore.

  • Workshops
Summer Camps at Sai Vigyan aims to totally keep participants engaged and fuel their fascination for Robotics to gain optimum grasp of what the camp has to offer during their long period of vacations. Camps Similar to these are also held during the Dashera and Christmas vacations as well. Owing to the demand of many we have also conducted camps across Bangalore at various Institutions retaining our trademark intensity to deliver.

We have conducted camps at The Art Wizard, Connecting The Dots and other institutions as well.


  • Schools
We train, assist, build models and deliver projects for specific purposes and requirements for students

  • Engineering
We have successfully done Projects that are of Academic nature for graduates and post graduates from the Science, Engineering and Technology Background.