Our core Research and Development team that is committed to educate students of Engineering at a wide range of Academic Levels have rather impressed industries with our cost effective and efficient delivery Model. We are equipped and ready to cater to the requirements from SME's and Industries that are looking at outsourcing partners for us to provide efficient technology solutions.


Sai Vigyan and technical education over the past five years have been quite a revelation for the Students of Electronics and Communications, Information Technology and Computer Science and its related subjects as well. We offer specialized training of students who come in for both academic training as well as for the ones who urge to master the subject. Our faculty who have had their experience both theoretically imparting structured syllabi and also practically applied themselves in professional areas of application stand to be our assets that we are proud of and have passionately attracted a lot of students for this core purpose. Education, Training and Practise based on the systemmatic and conceptual teaching and assessment models prepares the student for the challenge one is to face. Students from science and engineering background from Schools, College to Masters level have found our training effective and productive.


We at Sai Vigyan have supported Students from Schools, Colleges and professional Courses like Msc(Electronics),BTech and Mtech in their respective areas of interest.Our Research and development team work judiciously with project team right from the scratch that from identifying right project ,to imparting the core technical knowledge, time management ,inventory requirement and procurement, the project presentation and drafting and finalising of thesis systematically keeping the budget within the expected margins.Our R & D team has tremendous experience in the field of project management, most of the faculty have had their experience handling global projects .With an In house lab the R&D team is an extremely well motivated group of individuals who specialize in different areas of electronics, communication, robotics, information technology and computer science engineering and its allied areas as well.


Technical Education and its practical implementation at Sai Vigyan has motivated us over the years to venture into consulting with SME and Industries who are looking at developing effective processes through implementing technical applications.Some of the projects that Sai Vigyan has associated with and is still being consulted is due to our cost effective and user friendly solutions.

We specialize in the field of Embedded systems, Industrial Automation,Security systems,providing solution at design levels for mechatronic applications.Our R& D team is also looking at other niche areas as well to take our consulting platform accessible to the right industry tragets.

We have also involved ourselves in projects that community oriented such as providing instrumentation solutions for small businesses,effective sanitation systems aiming to substitute human scavenging and also in the field of education.