Numbers can be WOW but sometimes HUH... The Predominant reason is not knowing how to learn them. Modern theories and techniques have had their say, but what really works are the age old simple techniques that have stood the wrath of time.

Vedic Maths has a list of Sutras and Sub sutras, which is the Thread of Knowledge, a theorem, a repository of proof. Vedic Mathematics and Sanskrit grammar are built on the foundation of rigorous logic and on deep understanding of how the Human mind works.

Vedic mathematics is a way of seeing, understanding and knowing Numbers. The attitude and approach is that of learning the language. Time Patience Practice and primarily to blend with the right set of people who teach and practice them, can change your pre-existent notion of numbers and whole new enjoyable exposure. What could be more classy than one doing multi digit decimal multiplication and divisions. or even doing your daily accounts, calculating interest rates... Surprising your vegetable vendors or the laundry guy on his bill without gadgets or without hesitation adds a lot of sunshine. Welcome back to the world of Numbers.

Whether a Beginner, a school student or the one to compete in exams or complicated number crunching professional we have trained them all. Challenge yourself, Its worth a try...A Number full experience. We have done that before and we are as sure to see you to be there as well. We Customize programmes realizing the students need to train for specific purposes and general learning as well.


At Sai Vigyan we have classes as Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Levels. Our trainers recommend based on

  • Age Group
  • Grades
  • Existing Knowledge levels

Also we do customize programmes depending on what a specific individual or a group intends to learn.


We at Sai Vigyan are consistently sought after by schools for programmes to train their students on these techniques. The reason is that trainers at Sai Vigyan design and schedule the training structure customized to suit the students for various grades and the syllabus they have been taught at school.


We have had our programmes in colleges imparting practical techniques that prepare students to face competitive exams and other competitions. Our syllabus pattern aims to deliver on what the students need to learn, practice and master for their respective requirements.


We do workshops for Corporates with programmes varying from the introductory level to advanced level. Also we conduct weekend events at other institutions at various places at Bangalore.

Summer Camps

Come vacations…comes learning with an attitude at Sai Vigyan by Introducing children to magic of numbers at the end of the camp, children are trained on the best methods of practice by developing the proper approach towards numbers and confidence pushes them to get enrolled for systematic training.

Competitions and Exams

Our training both at Sai Vigyan and other educational institutions in training students for them to be trained in Vedic mathematics for them to deal with the challenges of Quantitative aptitude section by using Proven Success Methods. Strong foundation on the fundamentals, Mental Math methods and shortcuts to handle all functionalities of calculations developing greater command in handling this section of any competitive exam.