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Experiencing education hands on that we are usually taught to imagine and memorize can be really exciting. By igniting the curiosity of how things work and learning by doing...Creativity soars...Innovation sparks! This is what happens at Sai Vigyan when you meet us at Malleshwaram, Bangalore.

You’ll encounter a domestic scene wherein our trainers passionately participate with students in each of their effort to accomplish their chosen Mission, be it working on their Robotic model, complex calculations, tongue twisting language experience or even simplifying Ideas on Aerodynamics.

We only commit deliver High quality learning experience; this without a threatening laboratory or workshop scene that often creates a sense of pressure.

We facilitate collective learning within a simple ambience.

At Sai Vigyan over the years we have only seen passionate kids geared up for their future quest .We quench their thirst to explore and to learn more .What seems to have started as hobbies have on most occasions kindled them to pursue their interests wholeheartedly more than a vocation.

Our programs have played excellent confidence boosters academically and has personally elevated participants connect with their interest groups. Driven by this passion we strive our best at every opportunity to offer well-structured and consistent programmes that are designed work economically.

Our Initiative insists us to engage in Multiple Verticals wherein.

We conduct Events for Corporates and also for Educational Institutions to propagate scientific and creative Education.

We participate in National and International competitions and train students that comply with objectives. We also specialize in building Models as Study Projects if it's a School, High School and College Level Assignment and Group Project.

The major requirement that we have been responding is to assist students from the engineering and technology background to assist and support them in their accomplishments of academic and thesis level projects.

We have also taken steps in providing solutions for Industrial automation that caters to specific areas of designing Embedded Systems and have only moved progressively to consult with trustable brand of SME's in India.


" Sai Vigyan is an excellent project consultant. As I decided a project on "Automatic Pneumatic Can crusher", I approached Sai Vigyan to get this project done and I received this project at the right time when needed. Overall they had done this project in accordance with the latest cutting edge technology for both the software simulation as well as hardware implementation. Overall Sai Vigyan is the best place to get projects done as they do it with greatest precision as per customer requirements.
- Aravind Ramkumar "

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